Home Colours

Pattern Imprinted Concrete offers the homeowner total flexibility in the high quality finished look they wish to create for their installation.  A Pattern Imprinted Concrete installation can be customised in many different ways, depending on the taste and requirements of the customer. Coloured Concrete is appealing as it adds an unexpected level of attractiveness to a property.

Custom Driveways offers our customers a selection of coloured concrete in various shades and designs. We can match your new installation to existing property, or create something that is unique to you and your tastes.

Coloured Concrete can be layered in a single shade or multiple shades to create different effects. We currently offer a range of 24 standard colours for our customers to choose from. Again, these colours are available to mix and match in order to create a design that best suits your vision.

One such example of shade-combining is adding additional different hued layers to the surface of the already Coloured Concrete. By doing this, an antique effect can be created on the installation that is both charming and also easy on the eye.

Alternatively, a Coloured Concrete installation can be further enhanced by using two separate shades to highlight borders, circles and other designs to the imprinted concrete. The possibilities for design are only limited by your imagination. If you choose to work with Custom Driveways, our expert team will plan with you to make your unique vision for your installation a reality.