Home Patterns

Pattern Imprinted Concrete or Stamped Concrete as it is known in the US, is created by the effect of a pattern being stamped onto poured concrete. Custom Driveways offer a large range of patterns for our customers to choose from.

There are many reason people choose to install a stamped concrete piece. Pattern Imprinted Concrete is durable and also attractive. It’s far more versatile and customisable than other materials like tarmacadam and paving stones.

Imprinted Concrete creates an effect that is very eye-catching and unique. It’s a sure-fire way to make a property stand out. Stamped concrete installations will also add value to a property. Custom Driveways will work with our customers to pick a pattern and colour that best fits your existing property and the vision you have for it.

One of the biggest pros of pattern stamped concrete is its brilliant lasting time. It won’t wear away or fade with usage, and is completely weather-resistant. This is an especially important point in Ireland, as our weather is very unpredictable. Pattern imprinted concrete only needs the smallest amount of upkeep to keep it looking good.

Stamped Concrete can be used to install patios, driveways, pathways, walls and kerbs. It’s a versatile and multipurpose material.

As an accredited PICS installer, Custom Driveways has a range of 34 different Pattern Imprinted Concrete patterns available for our customers to choose from.