Steps In Our Process

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Step One:

A site visit is undertaken to meet the customer, measure the area and provide a price for the job

Step Two:

We consult with the customer on their choice of colours and patterns

Step Three:

A date to start the installation is agreed upon

Step Four:

A detailed survey of the site is created to ensure all elements are documented – e.g. fall levels are properly assessed so water will run away from the house and / or into drains

Step Five:

The area is excavated and the sub-base is laid

Step Six:

The concrete is poured, levelled and coloured

Step Seven:

A second colouring is applied to the area which gives depth to the main colour and protects / maintains the print when the mats are lifted

Step Eight:

The area is washed off and the final colour and print are revealed

Step Nine:

Contraction joints are cut into the paved area

Step 10:

Dressing of manholes and other final cosmetic work is done

Step 11:

The paved area is sealed and cleaned